Artificial Intelligence

2020 has proven that AI isn’t just a priority – it’s a necessity.


Artificial Intelligence leverages computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind.

AI is the best way for business to put data to work

  • AI understands the language of business
  • Ai automates workflows and experiences
  • AI delivers trust and predictability in outcomes

AI is currently in use for

  • Customer Service
  • Financial Planning
  • Employee Experience
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • IT Operations
The AI Ladder

Enterprises that are on the journey to AI require the prescriptive approach and should use “The AI Ladder”.


  1. COLLECT – Make data simple and accessible
  2. ORGANIZE – Create a business-ready analytics foundation
  3. ANALYZE – Build and scale trusted AI
  4. INFUSE – Operationalize AI throughout your business

There is a way for data operations to leverage AI.

From data collection to consumption, organizations know that data complexity is a great inhibitor for data operations to leverage AI.

Better Data Quality | Better Models | Better Predictions

One of the challenges for small to medium-size businesses is, how to get Better Data Quality?

A way to get Better Data Quality is by utilizing Auto AI and the Cloud.

Making your data ready for AI is hard. That’s why your organization needs access to the Cloud and Auto AI features that Intagrayt Solutions can facilitate for your business today.

Intagrayt Solutions provides SMEs with the ability to infuse the Cloud, leverage AI tools and optimization tools to speed up the process of addressing their available data, and start modeling, measuring, and predicting so that their business operations gain the competitive edge and strategic advantage over their competitors.

Manage all your data with governance by design.

Utilizing digital solutions will allow for your user’s frictionless interactions with your organization and will accelerate your understanding of your customer’s experiences. Knowing how to improve your services for your users will boost brand loyalty which will impact positively on your company’s bottom line and therefore is a great return on your investment.

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