Web Design

We work to help small businesses participate in the digital transformation by making web design solutions simple, accessible, and affordable and that’s why we are also available for consultations in person or through virtual demonstrations.

Your advanced website will have AI Virtual Assistant, and not any old one but the best – IBM Watson Assistant, an AI Chatbot, so your business is providing 24/7 Customer Service. It can make recommendations to your customers, taking bookings, giving locations, or opening and closing times.

You website will also have a live Chatbox ready so when a visitor is on your website they can send a live chat message. You will be alerted by a triggered email in which you can reply back to your customer.

You Can Get A Bespoke Website Tailored To Your Needs

A website that gets found on Google, a website optimized for search engines and all devices.

Web Design That Empowers

In the digital information age if you don’t have a website then you digitally don’t exist and so businesses need to have an online presence with advanced features.

At Intagrayt Solutions we ‘re continually introducing new tools for small business to succeed. We can build you a fantastic website that will make you stand out and help you with running a successful business.

Our mission is to introduce innovative solutions to improve productivity and safety. One of the ways is by integrating a top brand CRM with advanced automated features into your website to manage your customers and suppliers. The advanced features stand as a testimony of our determination to fulfill our mission.

Our digital solutions consultants are with you every step of the way and are never more than a phone call or message away.

Want to find out more about selling online?

In today’s day and age, it is vital that you are able to sell your products and services online.

We can provide web design service to get you selling products online and get full eCommerce functionality with our advanced websites, powered by WordPress and IBM Watson.

That’s why we are working with small businesses to provide them with cutting-edge technology as part of our web development solutions.

Intagrayt Solutions is part of partnership programs with a number of leading global technology companies in order to deliver the best possible products and results for our customers.

Easy process

You can also manage your business on the go with mobile apps connectivity.

We also offer fully managed solutions for all your web development needs. 

Our aim is to help your business succeed by saving you time and money.