Shoot the Ball

Shoot the Ball is a classic tile puzzle game with a new challenging twist along with realistic and authentic stadium sounds.

Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the ball fly smoothly through the air for nothing but net shot while beating the buzzer and hearing the fans cheer your points!

Just move the puzzle tiles with your finger and try to create a path to automatically see the ball go straight into the hoop.

Ready to Play?

How to Play:

1) From the Home-Screen select either:
– Tactical Mode: Player has to slide tiles to complete the puzzle to move the ball.
– Technical Mode: Player can rotate tiles and slide tiles to complete the puzzle game to move the ball.

2) Select Tournaments – As you play more will be unlocked.

3) Select Match – As you play more will be unlocked.

4) Move the sliding tiles with your finger to unlock a path for the ball to roll automatically into the basket. Try to collect all the trophies on the path by sliding the tiles into the required order.

– Hints are available to use if the Player wants to know how to complete any puzzle games.

5) Once the ball goes into the basket, a Match Completed sign will show the πŸ† trophies collected. Also, buttons to continue to more matches will be available.

6) Press the (Play) button to go to next Match.
*** Press (Restart) anytime during the gameplay to reload the level/match if you encounter any problems.

πŸ† Some tiles can’t be moved.

πŸ† A brain teaser to improve your agility and hand-eye coordination!
πŸ† FREE simple yet extremely addicting puzzle game
πŸ† Challenging levels to solve
πŸ† Tactical Mode and Technical Mode
πŸ† More awesome level updates will be continued!
πŸ† No time limits! Enjoy at your own time
πŸ† Hints available to guide you

πŸ† Use as brain training and test your IQ to solve each puzzle. This game will help train your visual memory, intelligence, mental speed and help you solve puzzles more easily. Let your brain learn and develop problem-solving skills with this game. Download and start solving puzzles now!!

– Exercise and challenge with your brain
– Brain relaxing games
– Brain puzzle games
– Play anywhere
– Free to play
– No time limit
– Maze puzzle
– Sliding puzzle
– The best block game out there!

What are you waiting for? πŸ† Get sliding and shoot the ball!

Shoot the Ball is a simple and fun block puzzle game for all basketball puzzle fans.

Version 1.0 Launched.
*Please note: The app does not require any access permissions to your phone to play the game. If after installing the app you see a request for any access permission, please deny all permissions. Thank you!

We value your feedback! Please let us know of any comments, questions or suggestions.

– Shoot the Ball Puzzle Game contains ads varying from banners, interstitials and reward videos.

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